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Wes Watson is an entrepreneur, author and business coach who founded Watson Fit and created a sales funnel leading to 8-figures in monthly revenue.

During his 10 years in a California prison, Wes began building an Instagram presence while behind bars. Once he gained freedom, Wes leveraged his online presence in the fitness community into low, mid, and high-ticket sales, becoming a millionaire within 18 months of being released.

Today, Wes joins me to share his success story, including a look into the prison-hardened mindset that he applies to his business to earn 5 and 6-figure paydays.

You’ll also hear about the five books that changed Wes’s life, the importance of tapping into the correct mental frequency states, and how taking too long to take action can cost you money in the long run.

Wes Watson Tweetables
  • “If you are in a great place, you see opportunity all around you and you can create an opportunity out of anything.” – Wes Watson
  • “The negotiations and the conversations we have in our head when we’re playing defense take up most of our lives. So, the thing is, I don’t play defense. I just go forward to what I want. And if I fail, then I’m failing forward fast and I’m learning and growing and killing it.” – Wes Watson
  • “An optimist in today’s society is someone who turns the world into words and can create systems and blueprints and methods of operation that can change lives.” – Wes Watson
  • “Everyone thinks they have to love what they do. You have to just really put your name on everything you do and love that your name is on it and do it at the highest f*cking level.” – Wes Watson
  • “The man with the greatest quality of life will have the lowest expectations and the greatest work ethic.” – Wes Watson
  • “The man who can take more — who can value himself more with the daily habits that get the result over the results itself — cannot be stopped.” – Wes Watson
  • “You’ll never rise to your goals. You’ll always fall to the strength of your system.” – Wes Watson

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