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05: Sam Khorramian on The Culture of Fast Growth (Inc. 500 #26, #31, #33, #56)

Episode 5 . 49:29

Sam Khorramian is a serial entrepreneur, investor, speaker, and internet marketer who co-founded Big Block Realty—a flat-fee, vertically integrated real estate brokerage that consistently makes the Inc 500 list of Fastest-Growing Companies in America (#26, #31, #33, #56).

In this episode, you’ll learn all about what differentiates Sam’s brokerage firm from the competition and his unique approach to building an award-winning company culture.

Sam drops all kinds of knowledge around best-in-class customer service, attracting & retaining top talent, cultivating an environment that your staff wants to be a part of, and why LOVE is the biggest driver for his success as an entrepreneur.

Sam believes that in order to create a remarkable experience for your customers that drive extraordinary results for your business, you need to serve your team at the highest level.

If you want to build and scale a top-performing organization, you can’t do it alone. Listen in to hear an insightful conversation with Sam Khorramian!

Sam Khorramian Tweetables
“I’m a really big believer that if you create a wow experience that is truly remarkable, all of a sudden your customers are your advocates.” – Sam Khorramian

“I want my team to feel like they are on the side of me, not behind me. I don’t believe that that’s the way you create long-lasting relationships with your employees.” – Sam Khorramian

“Love to me is always the answer. If you create that environment of feeling loved, for your customers and for your staff, they will die on a sword for you.”- Sam Khorramian


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