Brad Weimert; founder of Easy Pay Direct; interviews world class entrepreneurs to explore tactics & strategy to build 8, 9 and 10 figure brands.

All business is the same… but nobody really feels that way.
The truth is: the BUILDING blocks of business are consistent across the board.
Marketing, Sales, Operations, Finance and Taxes… apply to all businesses.
With more than 30,000 businesses flowing through Easy Pay Direct, Brad Weimert has seen a lot of data and found a litany of world class experts that are making things happen in TODAY’s economy.
This podcast breaks down what’s working – and what’s not. With clients like Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, Hal Elrod and Grant Cardone, Easy Pay Direct is a an amazing pool of knowledge and experience to pull from.
Watch, Listen and learn while you hear experts pull back the curtain and share cutting edge marketing strategies, the latest sales techniques, the operational tools and tactics that make it all work and the tax strategies to keep your money in your pocket.
Whether you’re pushing through your first million or you’re an established 8 or 9 figure brand or you’ve made an exit are and thinking about your next chapter… Beyond a Million will stretch your mind.

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Beyond A Million, Frank Kern, Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, and many more trust Easy Pay Direct for their credit card processing needs.

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Vince B
John S.
Natalie F.
Vince B

Absolutely love the BAM podcast, if you’ve ever wondered how super successful entrepreneurs got to where they are today, this podcast is for you.

Vince B


John S.

This podcast is killer! Packed with tips you can use in your business. It does not matter what type of business you have, there is something here for everyone.

John S.


Natalie F.

Brad does a great job with this podcast. Not only is it extremely entertaining, but it has also helped me grow as a person AND as a company. This podcast is PURE VALUE.

Natalie F.