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03: Neal Tricarico on Recruiting a World-Class Sales Team

Episode 3 . 42:12

For the last 30 years, Neal Tricario has been leading sustainable business growth and sales strategies for companies around the world.

His expertise in the area of sales has resulted in working alongside world-renowned visionaries such as, Tony Robbins, Ryan Deiss, Deepak Chopra, Roland Frasier, Richard Lindner, Chet Holmes, and many others.

In this episode, we dive deep into the hiring process for salespeople, including cutting edge sourcing and screening techniques you can implement to build a high performing sales team that drives explosive results for your business.

We also discuss recruiting platforms & tools, using AI to hire/train, remote sales calls, overcoming objections, and the 7 attributes of a successful salesperson.

“Retention is your number 1 sales strategy. Every month that you keep those clients is far more profitable than what it costs to acquire new ones.” – Neal Tricarico

“Sales is just human interaction. If I can connect with you and earn your trust and respect, you might enroll for something likely just based on that.” – Neal Tricarico

“People that are good at convincing other people to buy shitty products aren’t really good salespeople, they’re just shitty people.” – Brad Weimert

“Prescription without diagnosis is malpractice.” – Ryan Deiss


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