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04:Erik Huberman on Building a $100 Million Marketing Agency that’s Not Full of Sh!t

Episode 4 . 33:08

Erik Huberman is a serial entrepreneur, marketing expert, and the founder and CEO of Hawke Media, the fastest growing marketing consultancy agency in the United States—launching in 2014, and now valued at over $100 million!

After selling two eCommerce companies before the age of 26, and then transitioning into consulting for other brands, Erik realized that the marketing world was completely full of shit. Most marketing companies either have no idea what they’re doing, or they’re way too convoluted and expensive.

Frustrated by the inaccessibility of great marketing, Hawke Media was born. One of their biggest differentiators is their à la carte menu of services and month-to-month billing, making great marketing much more possible for brands of any size.

In this episode, Erik and I talk about his early beginnings and what led to such impressive growth in such a short period of time. We dig into all things marketing, including the major differences for companies pre and post the $1M mark.
“Trying to see around a corner in some ways is important, but just being ready to move quickly when there is a problem, I think goes a lot further than implementing some massive system that you may not even need.” – Erik Huberman

“Build the business YOU want to build.” – Erik Huberman

“No good business is easy.” – Erik Huberman


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