Victor Peña

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Victor Peña is the founder of OmniPrint, a multimillion-dollar digital printing company that aims to provide high-quality prints while educating customers on how they can maximize their profits.

Victor came to the U.S. from Mexico at age 7, working in construction before building OmniPrint from scratch into a multi 8-figure business.

Today, Victor talks to me about how educating customers instead of just selling products has translated to success for his own bottom line.

You’ll also learn about the upside potential of building a modern business in an unsexy niche, Victor’s layered approach to closing business at trade shows, and the investing strategy he uses to reduce taxes and build wealth.

Victor Peña Inspiring Quotes
  • Sales cures all.” – Victor Peña
  • I’ll share with you our trade show strategies. It’s never been about collecting leads. It’s always about going there and doing deals.” – Victor Peña
  • “My upbringing was basically the ultimate training ground. And I say that just in case there’s people out there that are like, ‘Man, I started with a crappy upbringing and all that, and I can’t do it because of that.’” – Victor Peña
  • “There’s more room for me to innovate in a super solid dinosaur-type industry.” – Victor Peña

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