Todd Herman

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Todd Herman is a coach and mentor to pro athletes, business leaders, and public figures on the topics of performance, strategy, mindset, and execution. His training programs have been delivered to over 2,000,000 people and through his 90 Day Year company, his system for entrepreneurial performance has been implemented by more than 250,000 small businesses since 2014.

Todd is also the author of the Wall Street bestseller, The Alter Ego Effect, a playbook for overcoming self-doubt, negativity, and insecurity that hold many people back from becoming the best version of themselves.

Today, Todd joins me to talk about how entrepreneurs can build their own alter egos in order to achieve peak performance and take their business to a whole new level of success.

You’ll also hear Todd discuss the business insights he’s shared with companies like Goldman Sachs, Shell Energy and T-Mobile, including the five stages of business framework, the three milestones to nail before scaling, and using the 90-day science to help avoid procrastination.

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Todd Herman Inspiring Quotes
  • “People believe that somehow variety is found in freedom and freedom being just open tundra, wild open grasses and hillsides, and stuff where you can go and frolic. Well, no great business was ever built that way. What people come to appreciate is, it’s actually constraints that create variety. It’s constraints that create freedom.” – Todd Herman
  • “Niching is actually still a powerful way of going broad without actually saying that you’re broad.” – Todd Herman
  • “If you do not have an attitude of playfulness, it is very difficult for you to ever get into flow and zone state, which is where all of your capacity comes pouring out of you. And an alter ego helped to just trigger all these things.” – Todd Herman
  • “Does it really matter if you have one more drink right now? Does it really matter if you sleep in for five more minutes? Does it really matter if you don’t do the extra rep? The answer is yes, because it reproduces itself later in behavior.” – Brad Weimert
  • “If you want to get your business to the level you want to get it to, or achieve the goals that you have, you better become a great leader.” – Todd Herman
  • “Peak performance is a subtractive process. It’s not about more. It’s about subtract, remove, delete.” – Todd Herman
  • “If you’re only outcome-focused, you’re living in a level of stress and anxiety all the time because you have no control over that.” – Todd Herman
  • “Peak performance is peak performance. It doesn’t matter if it’s applied to athletics or it’s applied to entrepreneurship or business or teams. The principles don’t change.” – Todd Herman
  • “It’s actually constraints that create variety. It’s constraints that create freedom. Picasso had a two-foot by two-foot painting canvas, and that’s where the painting had to go.” – Todd Herman

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