Shaun Clark

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In this episode, Brad and Shaun Clark discuss entrepreneurial challenges, emphasizing the importance of helping others and generating revenue. They cover various topics like sales, marketing, operations, technology, and taxation. Shaun emphasizes the significance of the internet and online advertising for business success and why everyone should be using it.

Tune in to learn more from these successful entrepreneurs, and avoid the challenges they faced in business.

About Shaun:

Shaun Clark is the co-founder of an amazing company operating as a SaaS (Software As A Service) provider. They have an all-in-one CRM system called HighLevel which is the ultimate tool for digital marketing agency owners. As a matter of fact, we use HighLevel inside our own agency (for our inbound and outbound marketing) and provide exclusive HighLevel training to our sales development rep for marketing agencies.

HighLevel went from 900 users to 150,000 users in a two-year span. Shaun explains the organic growth of his company. From a great communicative customer base to a community environment for all digital marketing agencies. HighLevel is a great internet marketing service for digital marketing agencies. Now, Shaun is more focused on more features and educating his team to continue to scale his business.


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