Roland Frasier

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Roland Frasier is an investor and business mentor who reports buying and selling more than 1,000 companies up to $4B in sales. His company,, helps founders through the “seven levels of business,” including potential growth through acquisitions.

Today, Roland shares insights around the blueprints of business and real estate acquisition, including an in-depth breakdown of a potential 9-figure deal and strategies for adding 3x in valuation for acquisition targets.

Roland also offers advice for founders considering an acquisition, highlights the industries he likes and dislikes for acquisitions, and shares his varying criteria for evaluating deals and solving potential problems.

Roland Frasier Quotes

  • I’m not at all afraid to hustle, but it’s got to be a limited hustle to create an asset that will create continuing wealth after that.” – Roland Frasier
  • The people who double down on marketing during a recession pick up all the customers of the people that cut off their marketing.” – Roland Frasier
  • It’s important to be aware that your acquisition criteria should be somewhat malleable based on what it is you’re trying to solve for.” – Roland Frasier

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