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Today, I’m joined by Robert Miller, a digital marketing CEO, cryptocurrency investor, and hedge fund manager at TRU Capital, a leading private hedge fund in the cryptocurrency space.

Robert’s marketing agency, Creator Ads, has generated more than $50M online in the past 5 years as it helps 7 and 8-figure entrepreneurs scale their businesses. Between Creator Ads, Tru Capital, and his eCommerce business Automated Retail Commerce, Robert has built multiple 7-figure+ businesses. In today’s episode, he’s sharing how.

You’ll hear Robert’s story — from flipping Yu-Gi-Oh cards in elementary school to turning $1,500 into $250K in cryptocurrency in 3 months. You’ll also hear digital marketing lessons he learned working for Grant Cardone, lessons from scaling from $0 to 7 figures, and why he believes cryptocurrencies are here to stay.

Inspiring Quotes
  • “It doesn’t matter who the opportunity came from. Drop the ego and go for the opportunity.” – Robert Miller
  • “No matter how much you’re marketing, you still have to build trust.” – Robert Miller
  • “You can’t accelerate the production of Bitcoin. It has a finite schedule.” – Robert Miller

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