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Today, I’m talking with Oliver Graf, a real estate expert and entrepreneur who has built and scaled multiple businesses throughout his career.

Most notably, he co-founded Big Block Realty – an 8x Inc. 500 company with 1,000+ agents nationwide. The company was named the fastest growing real estate brokerage and listed in the Top 50 on the Inc 500 list of fastest growing private companies in America 3 years in a row.

So, what made them different? Well, they didn’t act like every other brokerage on the block. Instead of following the pack and focusing solely on the buyer/seller side of the transaction, Big Block put real estate agents first, empowering them with everything they needed to succeed – including top notch education, technology-driven systems, and 100% commissions.

In this episode, we dig into how an agent-centric approach to real estate brokerage allowed Big Block Realty to scale faster than the competition, tips for incentivizing your team, growth strategies, and more!

Inspiring Quotes
  • If we can just be the brokerage that really cares the most about our agents, our clients, our customers, then that will help us win the game, because no other brokerages were doing that. Most of the other brokerages, they looked at the people buying and selling as their clients and they looked at the agents kind of like a number to help them facilitate their business.” – Oliver Graf
  • The good thing about a market shift like this is it’s not independent of our business. All the brokers are going through this right now, all the escrow companies, everybody. We’re all in this together. And so, as some of those ones that are less prepared, those are the ones that start to sell, start to get out of the business. And that presents opportunities again for the guys that stick around, the gals that stick around to come in and pull that market share.” – Oliver Graf

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