Jian Tam

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Jian Tam is a marketer, NFT and crypto investor, and the CEO and co-founder of Samurai Saga, a Web 3.0 gaming project centered on NFT artwork, utility-based tokens, and a play-to-earn gaming experience.

Before crypto, Jian made his first $1M selling camera lenses on eBay. Soon after, he started a DTC clothing business and found an untouched niche after selling $50,000 of customized sweatpants in a single day.

After buying Bitcoin in 2009 and selling it early for $400, Jian made another venture into the crypto space, turning $20K into $2M with Dogecoin. Finally, he transitioned into NFTs, using a creative marketing approach to earn $3.9M in the first 8 minutes of an NFT drop.

While NFTs and crypto have fallen out of favor in 2023, Jian believes they’re poised to make a comeback. In today’s episode, you’ll hear about the specific type of NFTs Jian is focusing on moving forward, how potential investors should look at the space, and successful NFT launching strategies.

You’ll also hear about how AI could be leveraged in the NFT and crypto space, how to raise funds for NFT projects, and marketing techniques that work across various industries.

Jian Tam Tweetables
  • “Consumers aren’t really as smart as you think they are. They need a lot of guidance. They need people to tell them what to buy.” – Jian Tam
  • “It doesn’t matter if you know it or not. You don’t need a master plan. You just need enough skills to be able to convince someone else on the other side to buy what you have.” – Jian Tam
  • “Do lots of research on utility NFTs and prepare yourself, because once that wave hits, that wave is going to come and go before you know it.” – Jian Tam
  • “If you can get enough people to believe that your project idea is good, they’ll pay.” – Jian Tam
  • “Everyone can make tens of millions of dollars by solving a simple problem in the market.” – Jian Tam

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