Jason Wojo

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Today, I’m talking with Jason Wojo, the founder and CEO of Wojo Media, a marketing agency that has generated more than $100M online with social media ads.

Through Wojo Media, Jason has helped 1,300+ businesses scale to 6-figures, and 50+ businesses scale to 7 or 8-figures in revenue by running their traffic and funnels. Jason has also been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine and Forbes New York, and was named to the 30 Under 30 list in NY Weekly Magazine.

In this episode, Jason and I dive into the strategies that helped both his agency and his clients scale to 8-figures and beyond.

You’ll hear about the best way to structure your low and high-ticket offers, tips for building a funnel to go from 7 to 8-figures, and the most important factors to look for when hiring an outside marketing agency.

Inspiring Quotes
  • “If the offer is really sexy, the landing page doesn’t need to be that insane. The anchor doesn’t need to be that insane. The ad and the offer sells itself.” – Jason Wojo
  • “If I provide value and people see value, then they will give me more referrals and intrinsic value in relationships than I could ever see.” – Jason Wojo
  • “When people pick an agency right now, what they don’t realize is that you should really pre-vet the team in the back. Who is the leadership team?” – Jason Wojo
  • “If you have a really good offer, your marketing doesn’t have to be that good.” – Jason Wojo
  • “If you’re going to automate an email and you can’t write the right verbiage, you’re not a marketer, you’re an a** clown.” – Jason Wojo

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