Jason Hartman

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Today, I’m joined by Jason Hartman, a real estate investor, speaker, and the CEO of Empowered Investor, a community that educates, assists, and connects investors building nationwide real estate portfolios.

After purchasing his first property at age 19, Jason went all-in on real estate. Fast forward to 2023, and Jason has owned income properties in 11 states and 17 cities across the U.S., while being involved in nearly 10,000 transactions.

Jason believes in real estate as not only the most powerful wealth-building asset class, but also as the best investment strategy for reducing your tax bill.

In today’s episode, you’ll hear Jason’s strategies for buying property and taking advantage of the tax benefits. You’ll also hear about how you can invest in properties across the country regardless of your location, how to vet different real estate opportunities, and why building an online presence can protect your business and your personal brand.

Inspiring Quotes
  • “Your own business has probably the highest return on investment potential, but it also has the highest failure rate. As far as investing — single-family homes, income property — that is without a doubt the most historically proven asset class in the entire world.” – Jason Hartman
  • “Nothing else has the unique multidimensional characteristics of a real estate investment.” – Jason Hartman
  • “I hate debt if I have to pay it myself. But if I can outsource the responsibility of that debt repayment to someone called a tenant, I love debt.” – Jason Hartman
  • “For the vast majority of people, the humble single-family home is the best asset class.” – Jason Hartman
  • “If you don’t hold bad players accountable, they’re just going to take advantage of the next guy.” – Jason Hartman

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