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11: Garrett Gunderson On Tax Strategies For The High Net-Worth Entrepreneur

Episode 11 . 1:03:06

Garrett Gunderson is known as the “financial genius” who helps entrepreneurs build Economic Independence.

As an entrepreneur, financial advocate, the Founder of Wealth Factory and author of the NY Times bestselling book Killing Sacred Cows, Garrett has dedicated his career to making personal finance simple, immediately actionable and even enjoyable.

His company helps entrepreneurs optimize cash flow, streamline their finances and keep more of their hard-earned money so they can make more powerful investments in their business.

I wanted to tap into Garrett’s genius to uncover the tax strategies that allow entrepreneurs who have reached 7-figures and beyond, to keep more of their wealth.

You’ll learn about the important players you need on your tax team, and the game-changing tax strategies that are available to those who have hit the $660K net income mark. We also discuss how captive insurance can protect your money, and other creative ways to pay A LOT LESS tax, so you can keep more of your wealth!

“If you haven’t fully funded your business and got your cash flow where it needs to be, why go invest in other people’s businesses you know nothing about? Build that up, save on tax, capture that money in a place that’s a little bit safe and secure, build up some liquidity, and then wait for good opportunities. And when they come, pounce on them. Be patient for years if you have to.” – Garrett Gunderson

“I don’t believe in long-term deferral of taxes.” – Garrett Gunderson


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