David Osborn

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Today, I’m speaking with David Osborn. At 26, David returned home from traveling the world, broke and unemployed. Within a decade, he built one of the world’s top real estate brokerages, with 4,500 agents and over $10 billion in annual sales.

David is not just a real estate investor; he’s also founded 50+ companies, is a speaker, wealth-building mentor, and author of books like “Tribe of Millionaires” and “Wealth Can’t Wait.

In this episode, David joins the podcast to share his secrets to success. You’ll learn how his vision for making an 8-figure income came true, hiring strategies the ultra-rich use to maximize output and scale without burning out, and his blueprint for achieving a life by design.

Inspiring Quotes
  • “Freedom requires tactical strategies.” – David Osborn
  • “I can have as big an empire as I have talented people working for me.” – David Osborn
  • “Some organizations, they get bigger and bigger and they stop looking after their people. And it’s the beginning of the death knell of the organization.” – David Osborn
  • “The way I kind of pour into people is by letting them fall on their faces.” – David Osborn
  • “The quality of your business life is going to be directly proportional to the quality of the five direct reports you have.” – David Osborn
  • “The number one most important thing in building an entrepreneurial operation is great people.” – David Osborn
  • “The more I’ve been abundant and let go of little things, the bigger my life’s been permitted to become.” – David Osborn
  • “Wealth has a gravity to it. The more you have, the more you make.” – David Osborn
  • “There’s no one that’s wealthy that doesn’t have wealth. And the way you have wealth is by earning, saving, and investing in something — yourself, a business or real estate, or the stock market. But you’ve got to play that game to get to financial freedom.” – David Osborn

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