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Today, I’m joined by Colin O’Brady, an endurance athlete, New York Times bestselling author, and a 10-time world record-breaking explorer who became the first person in history to complete a solo crossing of Antarctica in 2018.

In 2008, Colin suffered a devastating burn injury while backpacking in Thailand. Doctors told him he was unlikely to walk normally again. But by March 2009, he was back to winning triathlons. Colin has also summited Mount Everest (twice), rowed across the Drake Passage, and set the record for the fastest summiting of the 50 highest points in each U.S. state.

Colin’s TEDx talk, “Change Your Mindset, Achieve Anything” has been viewed more than 3 million times, while his book “The Impossible First” earned him a spot on the New York Times bestseller list. His most recent book, The 12 Hour Walk, aims to help readers overcome their limiting mindsets.

In today’s packed episode, you’ll hear Colin tell tales of crossing Antarctica, climbing Everest, and leaving billionaire hedge fund managers speechless. You’ll also get insight on how to conquer your mental roadblocks, how to find your purpose in life, and how to unlock a new level of perseverance in both your personal and professional life.

Inspiring Quotes
  • As humans, we all sit on these reservoirs of untapped potential to achieve really extraordinary things. But it fundamentally does come down to how we react to inevitable setbacks.” – Colin O’Brady
  • Massive setback leads to great learning. Great learning leads to more resilience. More resilience leads to all the things that have happened in my life.” – Colin O’Brady
  • Failure + perseverance = success.” – Colin O’Brady
  • “Winners lose the most.” – Colin O’Brady
  • “The limiting beliefs in our pervasive culture really box people in.” – Colin O’Brady
  • “Life is all dictated on how we react to things.” – Colin O’Brady
  • “You look at all the research on happiness and fulfillment — from the academics to the anecdotes — and it all comes back to community.” – Colin O’Brady
  • “Relationships are such a force multiplier to growth.” – Colin O’Brady
  • “It doesn’t matter how peak of condition you are in or how good your nutrition is if you don’t have the mindset to get there.” – Colin O’Brady
  • “We are the stories that we tell ourselves.” – Colin O’Brady
  • “The top of one mountain is really just the bottom of the next.” – Colin O’Brady

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