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Calvin Correli is a serial entrepreneur, speaker, and the founder and CEO of Simplero, a CRM shopping cart marketing automation tool for coaches, consultants, and creators.

The company does $4M/year with 35 employees and has served thousands of customers worldwide.

Up until recently, Calvin wasn’t really aiming for company growth. Instead, he put his energy into the two areas that are most important to him: building a great product and outstanding customer service.

Today, you’ll learn about the project management tools and tactics Calvin uses to improve operational visibility, his vision for scaling his company to $100M, and the specific elements behind creating a client experience that leads to a continuous flow of referrals.

Inspiring Quotes
  • When you have people that actually care about your customers, actually care about giving good service, everything is easier.” – Calvin Correli
  • “At the end of the day, yeah, we’re doing business, but it’s a game, right? What matters is relationships, starting with the relationship to ourselves.” – Calvin Correli
  • “Accomplishment is not doing things. It’s enabling others to accomplish.” – Calvin Correli
  • “I derive so much joy from being of service to other people where it’s not transactional, but I just know that I’m making a positive difference in another person’s life.” – Calvin Correli
  • “Success to me is a feeling that I get from having an optimal daily experience that’s sustainable.” – Calvin Correli

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