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For the first time in Beyond A Million history, we’re flipping the script. Today’s guest is … me, Brad Weimert.

Over the course of 125+ episodes of BAM, listeners often reach out to ask questions about my journey. So today, I recruited my friend Thomas K.R. Stovall, an entrepreneur and the founder of Mindset to Money, to pull my story out of me.

After becoming the #1 sales representative at Cutco by age 20, I started Easy Pay Direct in 2009 as a way to help entrepreneurs and eCommerce businesses accept payments without interruption.

Over the last 15 years, we’ve worked with more than 30,000 businesses, including clients like Tony Robbins, Grant Cardone, Hal Elrod, and more.

From climbing the equivalent of Mt. Everest 2x in 36 hours to bicycling across the country to learning how to turn periods of stagnation into 50%+ annual growth for Easy Pay Direct, today’s episode shines light on the experiences that have shaped both my business and my personal life.

Inspiring Quotes
  • One of the biggest lessons if you’re going into a situation that has the potential for a bad outcome, is to decide before you start how you’re going to handle that thing.” – Brad Weimert
  • When you know something is going to happen, it does feel easy, it feels effortless, and you don’t struggle with it. It’s in that uncertainty that you challenge your own character about what you’re actually capable of doing.” – Brad Weimert
  • You have to find that balance. You have to figure out how you can play the long game with the intensity that you can sustain. And figuring out what that level of intensity you can sustain is a personal journey — and that’s the fun and challenge and frustration of life.” – Brad Weimert
  • “The absolute worst is rarely going to happen. Plan for the likely worst-case scenarios.” – Brad Weimert
  • “If the goal is too big, most people get demoralized and never start. And if it’s too small, it doesn’t create enough fire inside you to feel like you actually have to drive.” – Brad Weimert
  • “The worst mistake that I could make is to piss away time.” – Brad Weimert
  • “With a lot more resources, the game just becomes more fun.” – Brad Weimert
  • “Sometimes the most productive thing that I can do is nothing.” – Brad Weimert
  • “When you get good at something, you internally stop seeing it as tremendously unique and valuable because it’s just something that you do. What you don’t realize is that most people don’t do that.” – Brad Weimert

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