Aaron Amuchastegui

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Aaron Amuchastegui is a real estate investor, fund manager and software CEO who has bought and sold more than 1,000 foreclosed homes and owns 850 single-family rental properties.

Aaron made his way into the real estate market in 2005. As he watched the Great Recession gut the industry from 2008-2009, Aaron discovered an opportunity to purchase and flip foreclosed homes, pioneering a business venture that quickly led to delivering millions of dollars for investors.

Today, Aaron sits down with me to discuss the ins and outs of his decades-long real estate success story, including nitty-gritty details on the art of buying and flipping foreclosures, how new investors can enter the market, and how he bounced back from going to zero — twice.

You’ll also hear how Aaron went toe-to-toe with investment management behemoth Blackstone, how he successfully added a software venture to his revenue mix, and which asset class investors with cash on the sidelines should be eyeing right now.

Aaron Amuchastegui Tweetables
  • Real estate is kind of like golf. No matter what happened on that last shot, you always need to focus on your next one. The most important one is the next one regardless of what happened. You gotta keep going.” – Aaron Amuchastegui
  • “Emotionally stable, self-aware and smart people are better at looking at pragmatic outcomes.” – Brad Weimert
  • “One thing that can put you out of business is when there are hundreds of people bidding on the same house. You’re not getting a good deal anymore.” – Aaron Amuchastegui
  • “With shiny object syndrome, the way people can protect themselves is making sure they have a set of principles that is going to define, ‘Will I purchase this or not?’ – Aaron Amuchastegui
  • “I think the best thing that people can look at with AI is, ‘How will this make me do the job of 10 men?’ instead of going, ‘Oh, it’s taking my job.” – Aaron Amuchastegui

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