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Julian Reyes is a direct response copywriter who has built multiple 8-figure businesses. With a team of more than 50 people, Julian’s $50M direct response business currently operates in the survival, men’s health and Christian health niches.
In today’s episode, Julian shares stories from his career, from a musical theater actor to working in a male strip club, to building multiple 8-figure direct response copywriting offers.
We also talk about why top-line revenue metrics can be misleading, the marketing skills Julian believes translate to almost any niche, and his views on vulnerability, honesty with yourself, and the importance of self-preservation for entrepreneurs experiencing 8-figure growth.
“You’re going to bump heads with somebody eventually. It’s just an inevitable part of the journey. You’re going to get some battle scars along the way and it is what it is.” – Julian Reyes
“It has been commonplace to get to the next level and realize that the advice had been there the whole time and I just wasn’t f*cking listening.” – Brad Wiemert
“In many, many, many areas of life, clear expectations resolve frustration for a lot of people.” – Brad Wiemert
“In life, figure out what you suck at, and then don’t do it.” – Julian Reyes
“The bigger you are, the more vulnerable you are. You have to reinvest into defense and… do all that stuff to protect your personal wealth.” – Julian Reyes

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