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57: 2023’s Best Paid Ad Platform to Use to Scale with Mike Buontempo

57 . 49:00
Mike Buontempo is the CEO of Client Accelerators, an agency that reports managing more than $40M in annual ad spend across platforms like YouTube, TikTok, Google, and more.
In today’s episode, Mike shares his path from starting his first company at 16 to scaling Client Accelerators up to what he claims is the #1 agency for high-ticket funnels on YouTube.
Mike walks you through his blueprint for creating a successful ad and how he structures his monetization model to earn more than $150K/month from a single client.
You’ll also hear Mike talk about which platforms he prefers to advertise on, how his role as CEO has changed as his company scaled to more than 40 employees, and why he values having his team in the office over remote work.
“If you get that one really good ad on YouTube, you could scale it to the moon.” – Mike Buontempo
“People talk in this industry. If you’re really good, people are going to know.” – Mike Buontempo
“If you’re actually producing for people, you’re providing a product where it’s the difference between that company growing or not.” – Brad Weimert
“If you exist and you’re growing as an agency, you can’t bullsh*t that.” – Brad Wiemert
“Media buying is becoming more and more of a commodity. Yes, there are great media buyers. But if you don’t have great creative, it doesn’t matter.” – Mike Buontempo
“When you start, and especially when you’re growing an agency, you have to be an absolute workhorse. There’s so much for every single client between the creatives, the tracking, and the communication… It’s just a ton of work.” – Mike Buontempo

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