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54: 10-Figure Exits & Demystifying Private Equity with Specialist Nick Bradley

Episode 54 . 1:00:02

Nick Bradley, known as ‘The Exit Guy,’ helps entrepreneurs and investors scale via M&A to create high-value exits.

Over the last decade, he has built, bought, and sold 26 businesses with a combined valuation of $5.2 billion. He’s been the CEO of 7 different companies, ranging in size from 15 to 400+ employees.

Today, Nick shares what he’s learned in managing over 100 acquisitions, including the ins and outs of private equity, negotiating exits, and navigating powder-keg boardrooms.

We talk about Nick’s journey from an 18-year-old fitness trainer to leading a $2.3 billion deal to his eventual decision to quit the world of private equity entirely.

You’ll also hear about how Nick used ultramarathons to train his mind for the boardroom, how he prepares companies for a sale, and how to sell a business without going through investment banking.


“I’m going to do everything I can with the opportunity that was presented to me in this moment to get it, so that if I didn’t get it, I knew that I couldn’t do anything else.” – Nick Bradley

“I believe this notion of how you do one thing is how you do everything. And so, if you create a pattern in your life, that’s going to repeat itself in other areas.” – Brad Weimert

“I think I ground myself in a certain set of values which are who I am, but it doesn’t mean I can’t turn the dial up on any one of those at any point in time if it’s going to get the outcome that’s aligned with what I’m trying to do.” – Nick Bradley


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