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52: From Coffee Barista to $20M Revenue in ONE YEAR with Keala Kanae

Episode 52 . 1:15:08
Keala Kanae is the founder and CEO of Fullstaq Marketer and went from working in a coffee shop to making millions as an affiliate marketer. He launched his own courses and coaching program and scaled to 60 employees and $20 million in revenue in his first year—the majority of which came from a single YouTube funnel.
In this episode, Keala joins me to talk about navigating the challenges that come with scaling your business, how he builds his sales funnels and closes high-ticket offers, and his step-by-step email marketing blueprint that has helped him hit a 59.1% open rate.
You’ll hear about what Keala believes is the best leverage an affiliate offer can have, how to pick KPI data that can help your business, and how to adapt business models for increasingly intelligent consumers.
“I was working in a coffee shop, minimum wage, 12 years of trying all sorts of stuff. And then I got into affiliate marketing. Seven months later, I quit my job, had my first five-figure month, and then made my first million as an affiliate marketer.” – Keala Kanae
“Too much information is almost as bad as bad information.” – Keala Kanae

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