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31: $10M in 16 months, Hiring Thousands & Investment philosophy with Justin Donald

Episode 31 . 1:16:15
Justin Donald is a low-risk cash flow investor whose strategies and principles for investing to earn passive income have helped thousands of people create wealth without creating a job.
Before turning 40, he multiplied his net worth to over 8-figures in under two years, then doubled it again 2 years later. He quit his job, retired his wife, and started The Lifestyle Investor to help others achieve the life of their dreams.
Justin has 20+ years of experience negotiating deals with hundreds of companies. He has invested in a wide variety of asset classes, including mobile home parks, self-storage, single-family, multi-family, land, private equity, startups, and more.
His knowledge as an investor allows him to vet “invisible deals,” get preferred terms and create unique opportunities—not only for himself but for his exclusive mastermind community.
Today, I’m sitting down with Justin to learn more about his investing philosophies and how he built a life by design, not by default.
We talk about scaling his first company, his approach to hiring good people, return on relationships (ROR), and how he invests for wealth, freedom, and lifestyle.
“I started letting go and recognized money comes and goes, and I can create more of it. Maybe I lose it, maybe I don’t. I’ll probably learn something along the way. That release gave me the ability to make better decisions and to not put money on a pedestal to control me.” – Justin Donald
“I really love structure because inside of structure I find freedom. When I know that there’s a pattern and I know exactly what the pattern is and I can follow steps to get there and get a predictable result, then stress disappears.” – Brad Weimert
“The best way to learn how to invest is to mirror the best in class and learn from what they’re doing.” – Justin Donald
“I just want a good return. I don’t want my time to be capitalized by making money. I want my time to be capitalized by investing in relationships, new ones that could be interesting and strong and current ones that are most important to me.” – Justin Donald

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