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18: $3.5B in Real Estate Deals with The Multifamily Investor, Brad Sumrok

Episode 18 . 1:02:35

Brad Sumrok owns a bunch of multifamily real estate – and has an 8 figure business teaching others how to invest. He first started his real estate journey with a 32-unit apartment complex in 2002 and has since owned over 7,500 units in 11 US markets.

Over 20-years, Brad has helped his students purchase over 3.5 billion dollars in real estate.

In this episode, Brad talks about how he leveraged his real estate experience into an 8-figure online education business. That business eventually hit a plateau at the $4.6M mark, but by finding the right mentors, he was able to break through major sticking points and is now growing 30% year-over-year.

We also lean into Brad’s real estate investing strategy. Why is he so bullish on multifamily? And why does he avoid commercial and residential real estate?

You’ll hear us talk about the major benefits of multifamily investing, syndication deal structures, tax-saving strategies, and more.


“Whenever in my life I felt like I was at a point where I could do it on my own, I’ve plateaued.” – Brad Sumrok

“Whatever your skill set is, when you start teaching other people, you have to have done it for yourself.” – Brad Sumrok


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