133: 14 Epic Lessons on How to Grow a Multi-Million Dollar Business

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Today, we’re diving into some of the key lessons shared by individuals who are very near and dear to our podcast.

Cody Sperber is one of the world’s leading real estate investors and educators, a top-rated keynote speaker, and the founder of multiple 8-figure-a-year businesses.

Wes Watson spent 10 years in a California prison, only to build a coaching business that generates tens of thousands every single day.

They are known for their relentless grind, epic drive to compete, and unique approaches to leadership.

However, so much of their success comes down to mastering the fundamentals of entrepreneurship—doing the basics better than most, with relentless dedication and consistency.

In today’s episode, we’re highlighting 14 essential lessons in business that will remind you of the fundamentals that truly matter.

Any entrepreneur who manages to embody these lessons fully is guaranteed to be well on their way to achieving all their goals.

I hope these messages from Wes, Cody, and myself find you well on your journey to boldly go beyond a million.

Let’s dive in!

Inspiring Quotes
  • “All roads need to focus on sales.” – Cody Sperber
  • “Being prepared means possessing the traits and habits from moment to moment so you can seize an opportunity.”  – Wes Watson
  • “You don’t have to have all the answers on the front end. You just need to start.” – Brad Weimert
  • “Excellence in life often doesn’t come from the new tips and tricks that you learn but from mastering the basics.” – Brad Weimert
  • “You’ll never rise to your goals. You’ll always fall to the strength of your system.” – Wes Watson
  • Make a plan for training. Make a plan for doing it, and stick to the f@$*#%^ plan. – Brad Weimert

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