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12: Reframing the Sales Pitch with Jesse Elder

Episode 12 . 1:13:47

Today, I’m speaking with Jesse Elder. Jesse is an entrepreneur, philosopher, speaker, mentor, and coach, who has devoted his life to sharing his principles of self-mastery with the world.

Jesse has an unconventional approach to sales that I really wanted to dive into. The framework for his life and where business intersects is truly unique. As a result, the way he pitches products, communicates with his audience, and invites people to buy his stuff, is fundamentally different from what most people are doing.

In this episode, Jesse drops a ton of wisdom on what you can do differently to close sales. You’ll learn how to effectively market to any audience, communication tactics that connect on a deeper level with prospects, and his highly effective approach to selling via webinars!

“Nothing is going to be rewarding unless I’m being myself. In the process of being myself and sharing whatever is interesting for me, there seems to be interest and value that other people are coming for. Then if I’m qualified, and I’ve got tools or concepts that can help them move the needle in measurable ways, then an offer is born.” – Jesse Elder

“If you’re focusing on yourself, then the natural byproduct of your existence is value creation, versus let me go create more value so I can become happier and more valuable.” – Jesse Elder


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