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Join us in an exciting conversation with Brad Pedersen, an expert in the entrepreneurial world, who faced the insane experience of being ousted from the $60 million company he passionately built from the ground up.

But that’s not where Brad’s story ends; it’s where it truly begins. As the visionary co-founder of groundbreaking brands like Pela — which not only clinched the #9 spot on Canada’s list of fastest-growing companies but also boasted an impressive valuation of $100M in 2020 — and Lomi, an innovative electric kitchen composter transforming food waste into fertile dirt, Brad’s genius is unmistakable.

Brad’s journey isn’t confined to the entrepreneurial realm. A formidable endurance athlete, his tenacity extends beyond boardrooms and into the most grueling physical terrains. 

In this episode, we dive into the mechanics and mindset behind Brad’s success. From the inception of a toy company that soared to dizzying heights of over $60 million, to the strategies crucial for budding entrepreneurs — this conversation is a deep dive into scaling past the 8-figure mark, mastering employee management, and embracing a growth mentality.

So, if you’re eager to glean insights from a man who’s not only faced monumental challenges but also founded multiple 8-figure brands, this episode is a must-listen.


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