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In this episode of “Beyond a Million”, join host Brad Weimert as he sits down with Brian Moran, the CEO, and founder of SamCart. Brian takes us through his incredible journey of bootstrapping his business and securing $83M in series B funding in 2019.

Brian underlines the pivotal role of assembling the right talent in a software development crew and highlights the number 1 thing you should not do when starting a SaaS company. We also dive into his expertise as a digital marketer and funnel builder to bring you tactics you can implement today. Tune in to gain insights from Brian’s experience in entrepreneurship and business development.

Brian Moran is a former college baseball player turned successful online entrepreneur. After studying marketing at Grove City College, he launched thetrainedbaseball.com, offering digital baseball courses. Brian excelled at creating efficient sales funnels and pioneered the “one-page funnel” strategy, boosting conversions with less effort. This approach covered his costs and built a loyal audience through valuable content. He later founded SamCart, an e-commerce software company, quickly becoming an internet millionaire.


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