Discovering the Adventurous Spirit of Brad Weimert: A Beyond A Million Podcast Episode

In this special episode of the Beyond A Million podcast, host Thomas K.R. Stovall turns the tables and interviews the podcast’s own Brad Weimert, the founder of Easy Pay Direct. The conversation dives deep into Brad’s adventurous spirit, his entrepreneurial journey, and the lessons he has learned. From biking across the country to scaling Mount Everest’s heights, Brad shares inspiring and instructive stories for entrepreneurs and adventurers alike.

Summary of the Podcast

Brad Weimert is not your typical entrepreneur. With a penchant for extreme endurance challenges and a successful business, Brad embodies the spirit of adventure in his personal and professional life. In this episode, Thomas K.R. Stovall expertly guides the conversation, uncovering the layers of Brad’s multifaceted life. They discuss Brad’s drive for adventure, the origins of his entrepreneurial journey, and the strategies he uses to push the boundaries of what’s possible.

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5 Important Takeaways from Brad Weimert’s Interview

The Power of Decision Making:
Brad emphasizes the importance of making decisive choices. He shares how a pivotal moment, influenced by Tony Robbins’ philosophy that “making a decision is not a process, it’s a moment,” set him on a path to train for an extreme endurance challenge.

Deliberate Planning and Execution:
Brad discusses his methodical approach to preparing for endurance events, breaking down his training into manageable steps. This strategy can be applied to business planning and goal setting, highlighting the importance of starting small and building up gradually.

Endurance and Persistence:
The story of Brad’s “Everesting” challenge showcases his incredible persistence. Despite physical pain and mental exhaustion, he completed the challenge by focusing on one step at a time. This lesson in endurance is invaluable for entrepreneurs facing long-term goals.

Embracing Vulnerability:
Brad talks about the vulnerability of pursuing big goals and facing failure. He shares how accepting the possibility of injury during his challenges helped him push through mental barriers, a mindset that can be crucial for business leaders.

The Importance of Focus and Refocusing:
During a period of flat growth at Easy Pay Direct, Brad refocused on the basics of client experience. This strategic shift led to significant business growth. The takeaway here is the power of revisiting and refining fundamental business practices.

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Notable Quotes from Brad Weimert:

“Making a decision is not a process. It’s a moment. There is a moment when you choose, and everything moving forward shifts.”

“The scariest things I’ve done have been the most rewarding. You don’t grow in your comfort zone. You have to step into the unknown.”

“The game is way more fun when there’s more money involved and less critical pressure. With more resources, the game just becomes more fun.”

The Journey of Brad Weimert: Adventure and Entrepreneurship

Brad the Adventurer

Brad’s adventure journey began with his desire to engage in adrenaline-rich activities. From snowboarding to skydiving, he has always sought experiences that push his limits. His decision to bike from Los Angeles to Boston was a significant turning point, which he undertook with minimal prior experience. This leap into the unknown was fueled by a simple thought: “I know how to ride a bicycle.”

Brad’s story about his “Everesting” challenge is a testament to his determination and resilience. Undertaking to climb the height of Mount Everest twice in 36 hours, he meticulously planned his training, gradually increasing his endurance while remaining adaptable to the unforeseen challenges that arose during the event.

Brad the Businessman

As the founder of Easy Pay Direct, Brad has applied the same focus and dedication to his business as his adventures. During a period of slow growth, Brad took a step back to evaluate the client experience, realizing that a refocus on the basics was necessary. This deliberate shift improved customer satisfaction and catalyzed the company’s growth trajectory.

Brad’s approach to business is grounded in persistence and a willingness to adapt. He emphasizes the importance of making a plan and sticking to it, a strategy that has proven successful in his endurance challenges and entrepreneurial endeavors.

Brad the Human

Beyond his professional and adventurous pursuits, Brad is deeply introspective. He values time alone to reflect and think, understanding that personal growth is integral to his success. This reflective practice allows him to bring a thoughtful presence to his interactions, enriching his relationships and contributions to any room he is in.

Brad’s authenticity and willingness to embrace vulnerability set him apart. He candidly shares his struggles and triumphs, providing valuable insights for anyone looking to push their boundaries, whether in business or personal endeavors.


Brad Weimert’s journey is a powerful reminder that adventure and entrepreneurship are deeply intertwined. His experiences teach us that the path to success is often paved with challenges that test our limits and require us to make bold decisions. Whether you are an entrepreneur, an adventurer, or someone seeking inspiration, Brad’s story offers valuable lessons in resilience, focus, and the power of deliberate action.

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