Maxwell Finn

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Brad and Max Finn on this podcast episode elaborating on Max’ viral TikTok journey to his personal and entrepreneurial stories. Throughout the podcast, Brad and Max offer valuable advice on entrepreneurship, cash flow management, and scaling businesses effectively. Max also highlights the importance of TikTok as a marketing platform, sharing tips on creating attention-grabbing content. They touch on the launch of Threads and Max’s personal experience of being banned from Facebook, stressing the need for transparency and backup plans.

Maxwell Finn is one of the most sought after digital marketing experts in the world. Over the last decade he has helped countless businesses from the Fortune 500 to innovative startups achieve explosive growth with paid advertising. More specifically, he has helped businesses generate over $250M in traceable revenue with Facebook and TikTok ads. Max has taken everything he’s learned doing this and has now taught over 10,000 other marketers how to run more profitable ads through his Facebook and TikTok ad educational programs.

  • Max highlights the importance of TikTok and creating attention-grabbing content.
  • They discuss performance marketing and scaling through strategic partnerships.
  • They share insights on adapting to TikTok’s unique style and engaging audiences effectively.
  • The launch of the platform Threads and the benefits of being an early user are explored.
  • Max emphasizes the need for transparency and backup plans in business based on his Facebook ban experience.

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