Josh Bezoni

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Today, I’m sitting down with Josh Bezoni, an entrepreneur, investor, and the Founder of BioTRUST Nutrition, a premium food and supplement brand that has sold nearly $1 billion in products since its founding in 2012.

As a first-time entrepreneur in his 20s, Josh made $48,000 on the day he launched his first supplement company. He grew the company to $30 million in revenue, only to have it come crashing down and leaving Josh in financial ruin at age 37. Not to be deterred, he soon launched BioTRUST, selling $4 million in its first week and hitting $100 million in sales in its first year, before eventually completing a 9-figure exit.

Josh is also an angel investor and philanthropist, and is an early investor in brands like Onnit, Magic Spoon, and Outstanding Foods. He has donated millions to Make-A-Wish®, Pencils of Promise®, and Matt Damon’s™ charity.

Today, you’ll hear about Josh’s surprising perspective on the realities of a 9-figure exit. You’ll also hear about how Josh grew BioTRUST without taking any outside funding, how he navigated getting sued by Oprah Winfrey, and how to unwind a workaholic mentality to take better care of yourself, your mental health, and your future.

Inspiring Quotes
  • “A lot of online entrepreneurs these days miss the basic principles of psychology and selling, and how to get people to actually take action and want your product.” – Josh Bezoni
  • “A lot of being a great businessman is learning the hard way of what not to do.” – Josh Bezoni
  • “We thought it was all about revenue. We didn’t understand that your product category that you’re in affects the multiple you get for the company.” – Josh Bezoni
  • “Anyone out there who wants to sell a company, my best advice is to learn what the buyers want early in the process, so you can build the company that way.” – Josh Bezoni
  • Anyone who’s starting a company, build it to sell from the very beginning and then maintain it. So, if your life changes and you do want to sell it, you have something that’s sellable right away.” – Josh Bezoni

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