Get 1 Million Followers In 30 Days with Brendan Kane

In our recent episode of Beyond A Million, we had the pleasure of hosting Brendan Kane, a renowned digital strategist and author of “One Million Followers” and “Hook Point.” Brendan shared invaluable insights into the evolution of influencer marketing, the science of creating viral content, and effective storytelling techniques. Whether you’re a seasoned marketer or […]

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Mike Agugliaro

From Electrician to Multiple 8-Figure Exits with Mike Agugliaro

Summary of the Podcast In this episode, Mike Agugliaro shares his unconventional yet highly effective business strategies that led to a world-class exit. From using a simple red and green marker system to foster accountability to the importance of building a pitch book from the very beginning, Mike’s insights are both refreshing and practical. He […]

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