Scott Ryan

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Scott Ryan is a Managing Partner for Terra Rossa Investments—a family office and active investor that invests in fixed income, debt products, real estate, and later-stage tech.

Today, Scott shares his journey from working in tech sales to founding and exiting three companies (including an 8-figure exit) to running a fund in an asset class that’s “too late-stage for venture capitalism and too small for private equity.” 

Scott shares a complete breakdown of running and raising capital for his fund and the investor opportunity for accessing the half-trillion-dollar asset class. 

You’ll also hear Scott share a unique strategy for avoiding long-term capital gains tax, the biggest challenges in selling his companies, and various ways investors can access his market area with lower investment minimums.

Scott Ryan Inspiring Quotes

  • We’re risking a lot because we believe in the process.” – Scott Ryan
  • AT&T, Oracle, IBM, they don’t create a lot of their innovation. They acquire it. They buy it.” – Scott Ryan
  • Yield is what brings real estate investors and some other groups around to say, ‘Hey, this is kind of compelling to us.’” – Scott Ryan

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