Ron Lynch

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Ron Lynch is an infomercial and direct response marketing expert who has helped 70 brands and 300+ products launch, with a track record of generating over $4 billion in sales for his clients.

He’s helped brands like GoPro, Johnson & Johnson, OxiClean, Samsung, George Foreman Grill, and hundreds of other household names and products. 

In this episode, Ron shares the story of taking GoPro from a 3-person startup to a worldwide phenomenon and multi-billion dollar brand. Through his agency’s leadership, the company scaled from $600k to $600M in sales before its eventual IPO. 

You’ll hear about the risky strategy Ron’s team used to get GoPro into major retailers like BestBuy and Target, the inner workings of the infomercial industry and how it’s used to sell products, and how to serve multiple customer avatars with a single product so you can broaden your audience and scale your business.

Ron Lynch Inspiring Quotes
  • Most people actually make a buying decision if they watch the whole show in the first two or three minutes and that you get this huge spike. What they psychologically are watching for the rest of the time is, ‘Are you lying? Did you tell the truth?’” – Ron Lynch
  • There’s no man above me, no man below me. I won’t talk to a waiter like crap, but I won’t talk to a rock star like their God either.” – Ron Lynch
  • The gatekeeper is the most valuable relationship you can have.” – Brad Weimert
  • For the most part, if you can change the way a man thinks, you can change the way he feels, and that produces a result. For women, if you can change the way she feels, you can change the way she thinks, and that produces a result.” – Ron Lynch 

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