Rich Schefren

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Join Brad and Rich for an episode where they dive into their perspectives on weekends, entrepreneurship, and personal growth. Rich, known for his laid-back approach, reveals his love for relaxed weekends, free from rigid schedules. He shares valuable insights on how entrepreneurs can design businesses that align with their strengths and flaws, fostering authenticity and paving the way for success.

In their no-nonsense discussion, Rich introduces the concept of the sprint versus marathon mindset, emphasizing the importance of finding fulfillment in the journey rather than solely focusing on achieving goals. He encourages listeners to embrace personal growth and authenticity as they navigate their own paths. Rich highlights the significance of task initiation and the transformative power of seeking mentors with diverse perspectives.

Tune in for practical insights and relatable stories that will inspire you on your own journey towards success and self-improvement.

Rich Schefren Bio

Rich Schefren is a renowned entrepreneur and business strategist who specializes in strategic business growth and digital marketing. He founded Strategic Profits, a company that offers coaching and training programs for entrepreneurs. Schefren is known for his practical approach to business, emphasizing the use of technology and systems to scale businesses effectively.
He has authored “The Internet Business Manifesto” and is a sought-after speaker at industry events. Schefren’s insights have inspired entrepreneurs to align their businesses with their strengths and pursue continuous growth.


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