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Today, I’m joined by Randall Grizzle and Deborah Burris, the owner and managing partner of Closer Secrets, a sales organization that teaches other businesses the process that has allowed their team to close more than 9-figures in business over the phone.

At Closer Secrets, Randall and Deborah answer a simple question: Why do some sales teams produce, while others struggle? Closer Secrets helps businesses answer this question by teaching how to build a successful sales culture based on systems, execution, and processes.

Before creating Closer Secrets, Randall spent 15 years on the phones and has sold tens of millions of dollars for some of the world’s foremost influential marketers. He has worked closely with Russell Brunson, Frank Kern, the Mikkelsen twins, among many others.

Randall and Deborah’s book, “The Ultimate Playbook for High Performing Sales Teams,” breaks down how their team consistently closes 6-figures in weekly sales.

In today’s episode, you’ll learn about the pros and cons of scripts and role-play trainings, the 5-section sales process, and how to convert your low-ticket clients into high-ticket buyers.

Inspiring Quotes
  • The most successful people make decisions for their money; they have that money work for them. A lot of times people that struggle let money make decisions for them.” – Randall Grizzle
  • The interesting thing is as we’ve really gone deep into this over the last couple of years, the feedback that we’re getting from the students that we’re speaking with on the phone is it seems like [sales calls] are a more real conversation. It seems like it’s more genuine. And in many cases, our conversions have even gone up. And it’s because we’ve been able to just dig deep, have more real conversations, and color within those lines that the FTC has drawn for us.” – Deborah Burris
  • A big part of sales that will never change is listening.” – Randall Grizzle
  • Anybody that’s willing to get out their wallet and invest $1,000 is somebody we definitely feel we’re going to convert at a high level.” – Randall Grizzle
  • We don’t work with anyone that we don’t feel like is massively over-delivering on what they say they’re going to do.Deborah Burris
  • You have to be able to provide a ton of value to be able to sell a $1,000 or $2,000 a course on a webinar.Randall Grizzle
  • If you’re selling something that you don’t believe in or you’re not able to get 100% behind, then you shouldn’t be selling it.Randall Grizzle

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