Ramin Ettehad

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Ramind Ettehad is the co-founder of Oomnitza, a SaaS platform that helps businesses manage and automate their IT workflows.

As an upstart company in 2013, Oomnitza landed its first accounts with lower-middle market companies before scaling to larger enterprise accounts. Today, Oomnitza has around 120 employees and $30M in subscription revenue.

In today’s episode, Ramin joins me to talk about how he meticulously builds and develops his sales teams to keep employees fresh, motivated and efficient through the full sales cycle.

You’ll also hear Ramin talk about his hyper-specific parameters for interviewing new sales employees, how co-innovation helped ramp Oomnitza in its early stages, and why the “challenger sale” can be especially effective in the technology field.

Ramind Ettehad Inspiring Quotes
  • “You can build a really cool sales intelligence internally. You can have great marketing. All that stuff matters, but if the product isn’t excellent, it will not get adopted.” – Ramin Ettehad
  • “As soon as you get to a point of comfort with something, you run the risk of being complacent.” – Brad Weimert
  • “[Account Executives] should have three to five days a week of at least two-hour blocks on their calendars where they’re doing prospecting activities. It’s the only way to write your own destiny.” – Ramin Ettehad
  • “With any new technology that you’re trying to take into the market and sell into enterprise, you have to justify the need for change.” – Ramin Ettehad

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