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Today, I’m talking with Michael Hyatt, the founder and chairman of Full Focus – an 8-figure coaching company that helps high achievers accelerate their performance. 

The company was named one of INC’s Best Workplaces 5 years in a row and appeared on the INC 5000 list of fastest-growing private companies in 3 of the last 4 years.

Before starting Full Focus, Michael worked as the CEO of a 9-figure publishing company. As he worked upwards of 80-hour weeks, Michael saw the toll it was taking on his family, his relationships, and his health. He created a system for balancing success at work with a healthy life, which eventually turned into Full Focus.

Today, you’ll hear about Michael’s system for achieving more while doing less, how to handle working closely with family members, and how to work toward your goals without sacrificing your personal life.

Inspiring Quotes
  • If you can’t have the boss you want, be the boss you wish you had.” – Michael Hyatt
  • One of the little appreciated axioms of business is that constraints are your friend, constraints in capital, constraints in time, all of that because it forces you to prioritize.” – Michael Hyatt
  • “It’s important to approach business with humility, because you’ll either be humble at the beginning or be humble at the end, because business is tough.” – Michael Hyatt
  • “I love bootstrapping because I think you make better decisions when you don’t have so much money.”  – Michael Hyatt

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