Lindsay Shearer

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Lindsay Shearer is a traffic generation specialist who has helped more than 390 brands scale to 7, 8 and 9 figures in sales per month. While Lindsay uses many digital marketing platforms, her expertise in driving traffic through Pinterest has helped her generate over $50M/year in profitable client ad spend.

In addition to building two 8-figure marketing agencies, Lindsay invests in long-term, short-term, multi-family and farmland real estate, while also launching and operating her own real estate fund.

Today, Lindsay sits down with me to share strategies for driving traffic on Pinterest, how to find profitable niches as a marketing agency, and tips for targeting “blue ocean space” to avoid oversaturation in the agency world.

You’ll also hear Lindsay break down her real estate investing strategy, including why she sees farmland as a favorable asset class, and how she structures the holdings and partnership layout of her real estate fund.

Lindsay Shearer Inspiring Quotes
  • I’m always a huge fan of trying to find a blue ocean space, something that’s not super saturated because SEO, in general, for most of the world is pretty saturated.” – Lindsay Shearer
  • “If you’re going to create one piece of content, you’ve got to share and repurpose it everywhere that you possibly can and drive traffic.” – Lindsay Shearer
  • “There are over 51% of the people that are on (Pinterest) every single week and 93% of people on the platform have made a purchase from the platform. There is extremely high purchase intent, and people are really looking for solutions to their problems.” – Lindsay Shearer
  • “Once you start scaling to a certain level, you realize you just can’t do it all by yourself.” – Lindsay Shearer

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