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Today, I’m joined by real estate coach, author, and digital marketing expert Krista Mashore to talk about how her coaching programs have made more than $1M/month for 31 consecutive months.

As a real estate agent, Krista sold more than 2,300 homes. Ready to share her expertise, she left real estate and launched her coaching business in 2017. In just five years, Krista’s business went from $0 to $51M+.

Today, you’ll hear how Krista designs and tests her funnels and high-ticket offers, how to earn trust and turn prospects into buyers, and how to make effective investments in yourself and your business.

Inspiring Quotes
  • “Going through a course on your own is very difficult and most people aren’t successful. But when you have help and support and guidance and accountability and you have other people that you can talk to and be around on a regular basis, it makes it a lot easier.” – Krista Mashore
  • “You have to be willing to adjust and modify and look at what you did and be willing to change what you did in order to make things work.” – Krista Mashore
  • “If your stuff that’s free isn’t good enough and making a big enough impact, nobody’s going to want to take the next step.” – Krista Mashore
  • “It’s getting harder and harder to earn someone’s trust. You need to give as much value as possible and elevate your authority and build that relationship with somebody.” – Krista Mashore
  • “Whether you’re doing an event, a VSL, a webinar, anything at all … The hardest issue is to get the people on the other side to believe that they can actually do it.” – Krista Mashore
  • “We test everything, even things that are working. Because even things that are working eventually can get stale or fatigued.” – Krista Mashore
  • “You will not fail if you just keep going. But the problem is most people just stop.” – Krista Mashore
  • “It’s really important to make sure that the person you’re learning from has actually done the thing they’re teaching you to do.” – Krista Mashore

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