Kasim Aslam

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Kasim Aslam is an entrepreneur, author and the founder of Solutions 8, one of the top-ranked Google Ads agencies in the world. He has also started four 7- and 8-figure businesses and has completed two exits.

Kasim has a knack for innovation, and has won War Room’s Wicked Smart competition 5 times – an award given to the War Room member with the best proven and tested business-growth solutions.

Today, Kasim sits down to share the digital marketing expertise that has led to the growth, success and sales of his companies. In addition to discussing his best marketing practices, Kasim also pulls back the curtain on a few off-the-beaten-path marketing “hacks.”

You’ll also hear Kasim share insights around navigating an M&A exit, how agency owners can use AI to get ahead, and why his next multi-million-dollar venture may take place outside the agency and SaaS worlds.

Kasim Aslam Tweetables
  • “It’s not the goal, it’s the pursuit… And when you don’t have a pursuit, it gets real dark real quick, which is a strange place to be.” – Kasim Aslam
  • “There’s no such thing as a self-made man.” – Kasim Aslam
  • “It’s not actually the pace of technology that’s relevant. It’s the pace of adoption of the technology that’s relevant.” – Brad Weimert
  • “Stop relying on advertising networks to understand who your customer is and who to bring to you.” – Kasim Aslam
  • “You can’t con an honest man. If you can convince people that they’re the ones conning you, it changes the table entirely.” – Kasim Aslam

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