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Today, I’m sitting down with Justin Colby, a real estate investor, coach, and founder, whose coaching program “The Science of Flipping” has helped thousands of students launch, grow, and scale their real estate investing businesses.

Over the past 16 years, Justin has flipped more than 2,600 homes, and he currently aims to buy 2 to 5 homes each week.

Soon after starting as a realtor, Justin found himself at the mercy of the 2008 market crash. In debt, out of work, and sleeping on a couch, he managed to borrow $25,000 from a friend to pay for real estate coaching. Fast forward to today, and Justin has been involved in more than $100 million in real estate transactions.

In today’s episode, you’ll hear how Justin views the real estate market and how different investing strategies benefit different investing goals. You’ll also hear how he launched a successful coaching program, his 5 principles of success, and hard-earned lessons from losing millions of dollars in deals over the years.

Inspiring Quotes
  • “People can make a lot of money, but if they don’t have a skill set to lean back on in tougher times, they just fall and crash.” – Justin Colby
  • “It’s always a lack of resourcefulness, never a lack of resources.” – Justin Colby
  • “Everyone in the universe should be buying at least one rental per year.” – Justin Colby
  • “Income is not raising at the same rate as appreciation values of homes — but people are going to have to live places.” – Justin Colby
  • “Providing great content to the right people is the recipe.” – Justin Colby

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