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Grant Cardone is a sales expert, author, producer, and CEO of Cardone Capital, overseeing a $4B+ real estate portfolio he built from scratch.

At 16 years old, Grant stumbled down a path of drug issues, eventually entering a treatment center at age 25. After completing his treatment, Grant channeled his addictive personality into business and sales, making his first $1M at 31.

Today, Grant discusses his life story and career paths with me while sharing his high-volume approach to selling online, his philosophy around investing money, and how he creates a high-performing sales culture in his companies.

You’ll also hear the number one skill Grant suggests that young entrepreneurs should develop, how AI will mesh with sales careers, and the 80/20 principle he used to build a 16M person online following.

Grant Cardone Inspiring Quotes
  • Never take advice from millionaires. Millionaires don’t know sh*t about money. Nothing. And that’s why they save it because they’re scared they can’t get it again.” – Grant Cardone
  • “Show up, move to the target and don’t quit until you get it.” – Grant Cardone
  • “The next two or three years is going to be the best asset purchase time in history, at least in my lifetime.” – Grant Cardone
  • “AI cannot be your confidence builder. It could give you a little juice but sooner or later, you got to learn your own pitch, stand on your own feet, make your own presentation — AI is not going to do that.” – Grant Cardone
  • “I know when I’m happiest is when I’m busy. Moving from activity to challenge, possibility, potential failure, I don’t quit. I will try again until I win. That’s when I’m happiest.” – Grant Cardone
  • “Too many founders and owners and CEOs forget that you need money and you need lots of money and you need to not lose money.” – Grant Cardone
  • “You should have multiple banking relationships. You should not be saving money. Money needs to get invested.” – Grant Cardone
  • “Success in business is not a popularity contest.” – Grant Cardone
  • “As a salesperson, you cannot assume what somebody’s concerns or problems are.” – Grant Cardone

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