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51: From Bankruptcy to Doing $20M+/Year with Perry Belcher

Episode 51 . 1:16:14
Perry Belcher is an investor, direct response marketer, and serial entrepreneur who has built multiple startups throughout his career.
Most notably, he Co-Founded Digital Marketer with Ryan Deiss, a digital marketing training company that coaches over 300,000 students and hosts the largest marketing event in North America, Traffic & Conversion Summit.
In this episode, Perry shares audience-monetization tactics from his rollercoaster entrepreneurship journey. At age 20, he owned 42 retail stores before going bankrupt at age 22. Soon after, he rebounded to doing $3-4 million a month before having his assets seized by the State of Tennessee. Finally, Perry used the “Randolph Hearst” model to build and scale his digital marketing business.
You’ll learn multiple strategies for creating income streams from your existing audience, how creating a specific customer avatar can lead to unexpected revenue opportunities, and how you can use “dead” traffic to create beneficial business relationships.
“When you’ve got a customer, what else is that customer opening their wallet for? And how can you get in between?” – Perry Belcher
“You’re 6 million houses behind for housing. You’ve got 10 million more jobs in America than people want. And there’s going to be a recession? It’ll be the weirdest recession that ever has been because those metrics have never existed in a recession of any country of any time in history.” – Perry Belcher
“One of the general premises that I live by is that the value is the relationship.” – Brad Weimert

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