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Today, I’m joined by Cody Sperber, an entrepreneur, educator, and real estate investor who has flipped 1,000s of properties and developed 100s of new build residential and commercial properties over the past 20+ years.

Cody is also the founder of six 8-figure businesses, including Clever Investor, an education program he recently exited that has helped more than 100,000 investors make money in real estate.

As the first real estate influencer in the world to hit 1 million followers on Instagram, Cody is an expert at making money at scale through social media. In this episode, Cody dives into the funnel that made him millions.

You’ll also hear about specific strategies for saving on taxes with real estate, how to find industries that are ripe for disruption, and how to align your actions with your goals.

Inspiring Quotes
  • “Real estate has two huge values: cash flow and tax benefits.” – Cody Sperber
  • “The point of owning a business is to own the real estate that the business operates in.” – Cody Sperber
  • “I would highly recommend anybody who’s making any significant amount of money to go find a single tenant triple-net-lease-type-investment. Something very easy, very safe that you can put your money into where you just get that mailbox money, but you get the depreciation and the tax write-offs.” – Cody Sperber
  • “Starve the ponies, feed the stallions. That’s the mantra of an entrepreneur.” – Cody Sperber
  • “My job as an entrepreneur is to recruit the greatest talent in humans possible and put them on the team, find the right seat on the bus for them, get them in alignment with my vision, their vision of the future, point them in the right direction, give them the resources and training they need, and get the f*** out of the way.” – Cody Sperber
  • “If you have a really strong organic social brand, you can scale very fast with online education.” – Cody Sperber
  • “While maybe perfect balance is a myth, I do think that it’s very possible. If you get your psychology right and you go upstream and you just heal your s*** a little bit and you just become a better man, that you can have a great spiritual connection, a great connection with your wife or your husband.” – Cody Sperber
  • “Those demons that make you great are the ones that also limit your full potential.” – Cody Sperber
  • “Intuition is God’s voice just coming through you.” – Cody Sperber
  • “You’re only going to rise your highest level of personal development.” – Cody Sperber
  • “Complacency kills progress and motivation.” – Cody Sperber

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