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107: How Airbnb Expert Scaled A Coaching Program to $33 Million With Brian Page

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Today, I’m joined by Brian Page, an entrepreneur, online educator, and passive income expert who built BNB Formula, the world’s best-selling Airbnb coaching program.

Prior to creating BNB Formula, Brian became a millionaire in real estate before age 30. Soon after, he lost it all as the real estate bubble popped, eventually owing the IRS $1.3 million.

After attending Russell Brunson’s Funnel Hacking Live conference, Brian saw the potential in online courses and webinars. On the first night of launching BNB Formula, he made $65,000. Within 43 days, he hit $1 million. The program has now helped 25,000+ students in 47 countries, and generated $33 million in revenue in 2022.

In today’s episode, you’ll hear how to monetize your own webinar ideas, strategies for generating traffic without paying for ads, and the tax and income advantages of passive real estate investing.

Inspiring Quotes
  • “Do more of what works and then protect your upside and protect your nest egg by making sure it’s in as many places as possible.” – Brian Page
  • “Stop innovating … Most entrepreneurs can just get there by modeling success.” – Brian Page
  • “Would you rather make $1 million a year doing nothing, having all your time to choose to spend your day however you want it, or $5 million – $10 million a year working your ass off in your company?” – Brian Page
  • “For me, wealth is cash flow plus time plus free choice. If you’re very wealthy, you have lots and lots of money, but you have no time to enjoy it, how wealthy are you, really?” – Brian Page
  • “Happiness is not correlated to your net worth.” – Brian Page
  • “At the end of our lives, all that really matters is people.” – Brian Page
  • “The rich get richer because the rules are in favor of amassing and keeping more and more wealth. So rather than complain about it, just go get rich.” – Brian Page

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