Bashar Katou

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Bashar Katou is an Amazon FBA seller, mentor and the founder of BJK University, a leading online platform that teaches users how to sell on Amazon.

After the restaurant Bashar owned burned to the ground, he found himself $150K in debt. Soon after, a friend introduced him to the concept of making money online. He decided to focus on Amazon sales, bought a course and launched his first products.

Fast forward to today, Bashar has launched more than 100 products on Amazon and his BJK University is a multi-8-figure business with more than 35 employees. Bashar grew BJK from $150K to $2.3M in one year primarily through social media, at one point spending $325K/month on Instagram shoutouts.

In this episode, you’ll hear how Bashar uses social media to drive traffic, how he manages to post 4-6 pieces of content a day, and the social media channels he focuses on in today’s environment.

You’ll also get insights on running a successful Amazon store, adjusting the entrepreneur mindset as your company scales, and the No. 1 tip social media-focused businesses should hear for 2023.

Bashar Katou Tweetables
  • Lack of experience is never an excuse. It’s about how to understand what you lack and then trying to cover that with someone else that has those skills.” – Bashar Katou
  • “It’s about finding a good product and delivering a good product in a convenient way to my customers in the cheapest way possible where they can win and I can make a profit – and then scaling those as much as possible.” – Bashar Katou
  • You’re more likely to figure it out if you get some reps in and start producing and creating and designing and iterating and solving problems than if you just sit there on your couch and think about it.” – Brad Weimert
  • It’s the boring work that a lot of people don’t want to do that gets you to a real company.” – Bashar Katou
  • It’s very easy to point fingers at people. And the hardest thing is taking responsibility of saying, ‘Okay, where did I f*** up? How can I fix it?.’” – Bashar Katou

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