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58: From Prison to 3 SaaS Exits & CEO of Multiple 8-Figure Companies – Dan Martell

58 . 1:11:46
Dan Martell is the founder of SaaS Academy, a coach to more than 1,000 SaaS founders, and the author of “Buy Back Your Time,” which aims to help entrepreneurs enjoy more freedom while continuing to level up in business. Dan is also an active angel investor who invested early on in companies such as Udemy, Hootsuite, Intercom, Unbounce, Getaround, and many other B2B SaaS startups.
In this episode, Dan shares his story, from being locked up in prison to becoming a 5x SaaS founder with three successful exits, including companies such as Clarity.fm, Spheric Technologies, and Flowtown. He’s also the CEO of two 8-figure businesses.
You’ll also learn how to calculate your own buyback rate to earn more freedom, Dan’s “4 C’s” to business leverage, and psychology and mindset advice for facing adversity.
“The buyback principle states that you don’t hire people to grow your business. You hire people to buy back your time.” – Dan Martell
“You don’t have to exit your business to exit your business.” – Dan Martell
“We’ll always give other people better advice than the actions we take for ourselves.” – Dan Martell
“If you don’t understand it personally and you can’t assess it and you can’t explain it simply, then it is not a safe investment.” – Brad Weimert
“Time is a constant … Outputs are variable … The only difference is the multiplier of leverage.” – Dan Martell
“If you have a great product, you should be your customer.” – Dan Martell
“If you want to be rich, be lazy. If you want to be wealthy, be incompetent.” – Dan Martell

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